Aliyah Grace Burton

about me


Any artist will tell you that their “work” is far more meaningful to them than a little word, “work,” can begin to describe. My work - my art, vision, and passions - has been described as warm + earthy, authentic + gracious, intentional + real. 

My belief is that the authentic parts of our inner selves are the most beautiful aspects of who we are. Yet, it is easy to be afraid of sharing these sides of us. 

real beauty begins the moment you decide to be you.

My invitation to anyone who is in front of my camera is to be free. This is a space for you to be you, at peace with exactly how you were created. This is where real beauty lies, and it is my passion to document that beauty in others.


And here’s me - the artist, though I like to see myself more as the canvas where the Master Artist works. I’m forever in love with the last golden light of sunsets, playing sweet melodies on the guitar, and snuggling babies till my arms fall asleep. I live in what I call an “organized chaos”, I’m always running late, and kids movies are my favorite (I SOBBED at the end of Pixar’s Coco!). 

I like to see myself less as an artist and more as the canvas where the Master Artist works.

I strive to see the simplicity in the world and grow in childlike faith more everyday. Community is where I feel most at home; a big dream of mine is to bring people together in new ways. I like my emotions as strong as my coffee, and love to throw my heart into everything I do.

If you're ready to be hugged, loved, and encouraged to be the REAL, BEAUTIFUL you, then you're in the right place.